L.E.G.S. is a graphical simulator that allows clients to model a charter airline, providing them with critical data about aircraft selection, homing and hub placement to minimize customer wait time and expenses.

It was used by several clients to design business plans for on-demand airlines worldwide.

It simulated not only customers' habits, wind and airport traffic conditions, but also "pop up" demand, and plane-based failures and diversions based on real MTBF data.

It was built as a Mac app in Objective C with the business logic in ruby for easy in-the-field changes in simulation logic.

Embedding Ruby in ObjC was a fun thing to do, and I use it every once in a while when I want flexibility and integration with OS X.

There was a lot of requirements collection on this project, and a tremendous amount of "play testing" with various teams before L.E.G.S. was ready for real use.

We never did finish the bacronym for L.E.G.S.


  • Objective C
  • Ruby


  • XCode
  • Textmate
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Planning
  • Client Management
  • Sales Support

The client is almost always right: Our original client was very unhappy when he discovered how wildly unprofitable running an airline can be, as obvious as that might seem to anyone reading the news. With our recommendations, we showed him how to protect his investment, but he still would have done better if he had started a chain of organic fast food restaurants.

My last aviation gig: Even though this project worked well and L.E.G.S. was a tremendous success, I just couldn't stand being the guy that provided billionaires with reasons to buy gold plated toilets anymore. It's entirely possible that I never met anyone in this industry that wouldn't have skinned me alive for a dollar. I was happy to put in my rear-view mirror.