Hi! I’m Scott Russell. I love making stuff. Especially stuff that makes customers happy.

I'm an experienced technology generalist working from my permaculture "farm" in an 1840's brick farmhouse in southern New Hampshire. I've been working in startups in various technical, managerial and production roles since I was in grade school. If working hard and failing teaches you anything, I must be pretty clever by now.

I prefer to code in Ruby, with or without Rails, although I've got plenty of experience with Python, Javascript and lots of backend and admin experience. These days, I mostly wear hats that read "team builder", "executive communicator", "stakeholder advocate" and "architect", but I keep my hands in enough code to be dangerous when I have the time.

Of all the parts of my job, I probably love mentoring the most. I pride myself on being able to teach a willing person almost anything. I'm a certified permaculture designer, and I weave that philosophy of permanent culture and systems into solving problems related to people, business and technology.

I'm always up for a challenge, and if I don't have one to dig into, I usually go find one.

I used to do web work in Python back when it was very unfashionable (no DCOM support), and some of those systems are still running, more than a decade later. I had a vision for a better web framework and was trying to build it when Rails appeared and I became a complete convert.

I got into Rails pretty early (sometime in 2006), and I've been slinging Ruby exclusively for quite a while. I've done some trivial work with Backbone, Node and Laravel, just to stay current and trendy and relevant. I know PHP and enough C/C++ to get by, and I play with ObjC when I want something on my iPhone, but I keep coming back to Ruby and Rails, Sinatra, or something homegrown to scratch whatever itch I'm suffering from. At least until someone figures out a sensible way to deploy Smalltalk.

I mention programming skills a lot because I use code often to solve problems, but I also spend a lot of time soldering, welding, plumbing, sketching, painting, at the microscope, the white board, with a shovel ... I have a lot of passions and inexplicably, I manage to give them all 100%.

I love doing what I do.


  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Node
  • Angular
  • React
  • Machine Learning
  • Expert Systems
  • AI
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Mobile Development
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • MacOS
  • HTML / CSS
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Fusion 360


  • Adaptability
  • Remote Management
  • Mentoring
  • Agile
  • Communications (Client
  • Engineer
  • Executive)
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • User Experience
  • SEO
  • Web Analytics
  • Purchase Conversion
  • Social Networking
  • Chaotic Systems
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Product Design

In My Copious Free Time :)

  • Skill Sharing and Preservation
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Permaculture
  • Bushcraft
  • Consensus Decisionmaking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sustainability
  • Open Source Support
  • Urban Gardening
  • Brewing Beer
  • Raspbery Pi
  • Coin Mining
  • Data Correlation
  • Chaos Theory
  • Growing Figs and Apples


2014 - 2018

CaféX Communications

Director of Engineering, North America

  • Managing and coordinating remote teams in EST, PST, UK and India.
  • Interpreting demands from clients and sales with designs from UX into product pipelines and sprints.
  • Delivering high-quality production SAAS releases on a predetermined schedule.
  • Ensuring growth of responsibility and skill sets of junior team members.
  • Handling inter-team disputes and conflicts.
  • Working directly with recruiters to find the best talent available.
  • Performing code reviews / PR merges, both in-team and cross-team.
  • Refactoring problems to enable devs to handle big problems a bit at a time.
  • Coordinate with CTO, other directors and team leaders on direction and architecture.
  • Backend and Frontend responsibilities.
  • Helped migrate legacy SVN/Makefile based build system to git/gradle/jenkins workflow.
  • Worked on tech demo strike teams, Proof of Concept deliverables and R&D spikes.
  • Worked on release product teams for Allstate, Wells Fargo, Rakuten, Cisco
  • Developed documentation, for internal consumption and with technical authors for customer use.

As a director, I was responsible for running teams working on billing systems, configuration management systems, customer experience improvement, Research and Development on a collaborative workspace project, and direct ownership of the UX / UI of a flagship product in conjunction with a senior team from Microsoft Dynamics on the Live Assist product, moving it from an on-prem solution into a completely multi-tenant SAAS model in multiple AWS and Azure data centers.

2016 - Present

All The Flavors

Owner and Developer

Designed, researched, developed and marketed this DIY social website in Ruby on Rails. Visit

2009 - 2015

Cooter Muck Probiotics

Founder / CTO / Developer

  • Invented and developed products' branding, design, marketing and distribution.
  • Built back-end and customer-facing systems using PHP and Ruby
  • Designed and constructed factory automation and production processes

Cooter Muck grew out my passion to help the environment, my interests in microbiology and my strengths in the technical, mechanical, marketing and design fields.

Cooter muck currently has 3 products available at a number of big-box stores all across North America, and provides mix-in ingredients for other products from well-known brands.

2001 - 2008

Marcil Tech Group / RSVPair

Designer, Developer

  • Developed PHP frontend, Ruby backend and internals.
  • Maintained high SERP / SEO ranking.
  • Coached internal sales team.
  • Ad-Hoc simulation and analysis consulting.

RSVPair was a directory of air charter planes available in North America.

Marcil Tech Group maintained the website and fielded consulting gigs from current or future air taxi operators that needed advice on taxation, strategic placement, aircraft selection or aquisition.

2000 - 2001


Chief Technologist / Software Architect

  • Provided technology direction and drove purchasing decisions.
  • Developed automatic network management tools, intrusion detection, and intelligent firewalling to secure hosting environment.
  • Assisted in sales process, lead generation, presales qualification.
  • Worked with RSS, XML, XMLRPC and SOAP to develop automatic classification of data streams.

Led team developing building web application component solutions for content, billing, user asset and inventory management. Served as Manager of Internet Service business unit, providing internet connectivity to retail customers and hosting services to corporate customers.

1995 - 2000

Pangaea / Cerepoint

Lead Engineer / R&D Manager

  • Developed an e­Business engine, providing simple controls for complex channel management.
  • Complex pricing engine – Industry analysts referred to this as “the best in our industry” of 1998.
  • Experience with VC and institutional investor interaction.
  • Application of advanced modeling, consumer behavior prediction and complex configuration automation.

Concurrent positions. Managed an engineering department and oversaw IT infrastructure during dynamic company growth, in a mixed Solaris, Linux, Windows, BSD and HPUX environment. Lead architect and project leader on over 12 individual products, over multiple release and support cycles. Prepared successful proposals for 300k ­- 2mm sales opportunities and assisted in pre sales and closing efforts.

While at Cerepoint, I became familiar with almost every position in a growing organization in both contributor and manager roles, including product marketing, trade show coordination, HR administration, sales, sales engineering, support desk management, and the coordination of a pre IPO due diligence team.


RMI, Inc.

R&D Consultant / Software Contractor

  • Provided technical vision to industry leaders such as Yaskowa robotics, Andover Controls, Groupe Schnieder and GM.
  • Pioneered group control of industrial hardware over the Internet, including “The Javahoe”, an actual Case backhoe controllable via remote web applications.
  • Member of angel investment group's “Technology Strike Team”, helping to jump start technology initiatives in early stage startups.

Developing models on massively parallel systems, predicting air and traffic flow. Designed embedded software and custom hardware for a system of “smart agents” responsible for simultaneously raising both energy efficiency and comfort levels for an HVAC firm. Lead architect, and managed implementation and installation of prototype “intelligent house” systems for security and energy management, using industrial robotics and PLC controllers.

Worked with the Santa Fe Institute researching and educating on the real­world application of chaos and game theory, fuzzy logic and autonomous systems in industrial and sales system Automation.

1990 - 1992

New Hampshire Technical College

Associate Degree,
Robotics and Electromechanical Technology

I developed skills relating to interfacing digital electronics to the real world through servos, actuators, hydraulics and user interfaces.

Most of my work here was on Vax 11 Mainframes and PDP-11 and homebrewed hardware interfaces.

1983 - 2005

The Barn (Richard Morley, Inc)

Practical Experience / Hard Knocks

Richard Morley, inventor of the Programmable Logic Controller, runs The Barn as a private think tank and startup consultancy in southern New Hampshire. This was amazing place for to mature, where massively parallel computers were available for 10-year olds to work on government contracts with, and 14 year olds were expected to join in on technology tiger teams / skunkworks development.

My time here was largely spent modelling and studying chaotic systems with sensitive dependance on intial conditions as a substitute for intelligence in manufacturing control. I was brought in to consult on streamlining manufacturing companies, to assist in research and prepare reports for clients such as GM and Yaskawa robotics, and to imagine purposes for technologies that had not yet developed uses.

2007 - 2010

Montreal Urban Community Sustainment

Volunteer - Director

A community sustainment organization partnered with many community organizations in Montreal and greater Quebec. MUCS spearheads many community initiatives, involved in food security, promoting equitable treatment and community growth. A MUCS member, coordinator and now a member of the board of directors for two years, in which time I’ve been involved in the Zero Food Waste program, which collects and redistributes unused food from local businesses to food security organizations, advised the Community Design Project on cooperative housing, and played various roles in the food cooperative and donation-based community kitchen.

Member of the conflict resolution team and a group that ensures the smooth execution of many MUCS projects and working groups. My role on the board is to ensure sound fiscal behavior and to guide policy development and maintain relationships with NDG and Montreal community organizations and businesses.

2008 - 2011

Montreal Permaculture Guild

Educator / Coordinator

A core coordinator of the MPG, an organization that tries to define and encourage a sustainable and permanent culture of waste-free living, while supporting and encouraging interaction and harmony with the urban Quebec lifestyle. Regularly facilitates meetings of the MPG, as well as provides logistical support and acts as an educator for classes on permaculture, food preservation, organic urban farming and gardening and energy conservation. Provides IT and logistical support for the organization’s projects and initiatives.

L.E.G.S. is a graphical simulator that allows clients to model a charter airline, providing them with critical data about aircraft selection, homing and hub placement to minimize customer wait time and expenses.

It was used by several clients to design business plans for on-demand airlines worldwide.

It simulated not only customers' habits, wind and airport traffic conditions, but also "pop up" demand, and plane-based failures and diversions based on real MTBF data.

It was built as a Mac app in Objective C with the business logic in ruby for easy in-the-field changes in simulation logic.

Embedding Ruby in ObjC was a fun thing to do, and I use it every once in a while when I want flexibility and integration with OS X.

There was a lot of requirements collection on this project, and a tremendous amount of "play testing" with various teams before L.E.G.S. was ready for real use.

We never did finish the bacronym for L.E.G.S.


  • Objective C
  • Ruby


  • XCode
  • Textmate
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Planning
  • Client Management
  • Sales Support

The client is almost always right: Our original client was very unhappy when he discovered how wildly unprofitable running an airline can be, as obvious as that might seem to anyone reading the news. With our recommendations, we showed him how to protect his investment, but he still would have done better if he had started a chain of organic fast food restaurants.

My last aviation gig: Even though this project worked well and L.E.G.S. was a tremendous success, I just couldn't stand being the guy that provided billionaires with reasons to buy gold plated toilets anymore. It's entirely possible that I never met anyone in this industry that wouldn't have skinned me alive for a dollar. I was happy to put in my rear-view mirror.

The Cooter Muck OMS is a rails app that tracks sales, invoices and inventory, as well as store inventory and sell-through. It ties into both ERP systems though EDI and the highrise API to tie together sales opportunity, invoicing, customer care and followup and order / shipment tracking and payment management.

It's not SAP, and it's not terribly pretty, but it's worked well for us as it's grown over the last 5 years.

It's a standard rails app, hosted on Heroku. Not a heck of a lot to say, but the cascading invoice / payment calculation stuff is interesting.

This internal tool has been tracking our sales since the company was started.


  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Highrise API
  • EDI docs


  • Textmate
  • Sublime Text
  • Heroku


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Planning
  • Client Management
  • Sales Support

Chawk is a work in progress - it's an open source data storage engine.

The goal is provide a federated, personally owned datastore for homebrew and commercial devices to log information, and the tools needed to correlate, quantize and massage that data into meaningful information for businesses and individuals.

Currently a Sinatra App backed by DataMapper, it's undergoing a retrofit to rails on top of ActiveRecord, and from there to be split into a redis-backed frontend feeding a postgres backend caching and massaging data.

Over the next year, chawk will see integration into devices based on the Internet Imp, Arduino and Raspberry Pi with a robust and secure autonegotation and user linking mechanism, as well as providing a backend for systems such as Shopify's Dashing, budwiser's Red Lights, IFFFT, Zapier and Ninja Sphere.


It's a standard sinatra/rails app, hosted on Heroku, backed with postgres and using redis for message queueing.

The chawl gem is rapidly reaching 1.0 so we can nail down the interface and then hopefully we can build soem support.


  • Ruby
  • Rails/Sinatra
  • Server Sent Events
  • Redis
  • Postgres
  • Javascript


  • Sublime Text
  • Illustrator
  • Rspec
  • Minitest